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Please fill out our Omni Channel PPC onboarding form to facilitate our onboarding call. If you have any questions please call (212) 470-2806.

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Please fill this out fully - it should be very simple and only take a few minutes.

Please add mcc207@p35x.com and mcc303@p35x.com with FULL Admin access to Business Manager

Please provide the following information, so we can link your Agency Ad Manager (MCC) to ours.

Please give omnitargetting@gmail.com full admin access to both Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics

Please tell us what assets you have that can be used. We require photos, videos, reviews/testimonials, an offer, a seasonal offer if possible & information on the Brand, such as their USP

Please let us know what Call to action (CTA) and any products/services we are remarketing.

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